This update deprecates the pipekit.io domain for the Pipekit API. The API is now available at api.pipekit.io. This change is part of our ongoing effort to improve the security and reliability of the Pipekit platform.

Earlier installations of the Pipekit Agent, Pipekit Python SDK and Pipekit CLI will stop working after 2024-05-01. To continue using these tools with Pipekit, you should upgrade them to v1.0.3 or greater.

What's Changed

Breaking Changes 🛠

  • feat: Move backend API onto a separate subdomain

  • feat: Update Python SDK with new default Pipekit URL

  • feat: Update Pipekit Agent with new default Pipekit URL

  • feat: Update Pipekit CLI with new default Pipekit URL

Patches 🩹

  • docs: reference release notes in Pipekit Agent Helm readme

Bug Fixes and Dependency Updates 🐞

About Pipekit

Pipekit is the control plane for Argo Workflows. Platform teams use Pipekit to manage data & CI pipelines at scale, while giving developers self-serve access to Argo. Pipekit's unified logging view, Workflow Metrics dashboards, enterprise-grade RBAC and multi-cluster management capabilities lower maintenance costs for platform teams while delivering a superior devex for Argo users. Sign up for a 30-day free trial at pipekit.io/signup.

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